Trochanteric bursa steroid injection

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Post-op recovery time can be reduced with the use of ColdCure Wrap ® cold compression and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy ™ (via use of the BFST Wrap ® ) following surgery. Cold compression is recommend by doctors following surgery to treat your pain in a natural, non-addictive way and to reduce swelling. Once the incision has healed, speak with your doctor about the use of BFST ® . BFST ® encourages more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the area to speed healing and improve the strength of the soft tissue in your hip. Using Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy ™ as soon as you can following your surgery will minimize the formation of scar tissue and increase the elasticity of soft tissue around the injury site. Minimizing scar tissue is the most important step following surgery , especially in a joint, to improve the range of motion in your hip. Leaving the scar tissue untreated can lead to stiffness, chronic hip pain, osteoarthritis or other chronic conditions.

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Trochanteric bursa steroid injection

trochanteric bursa steroid injection


trochanteric bursa steroid injectiontrochanteric bursa steroid injectiontrochanteric bursa steroid injectiontrochanteric bursa steroid injectiontrochanteric bursa steroid injection