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Official White House photographers document Presidents at play and at work, on the phone with world leaders and presiding over Oval Office meetings. But sometimes the unique access allows them to capture watershed moments that become our collective memory. On May 1, 2011, Pete Souza was inside the Situation Room as . forces raided Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound and killed the terrorist leader. Yet Souza’s picture includes neither the raid nor bin Laden. Instead he captured those watching the secret operation in real time. President Barack Obama made the decision to launch the attack, but like everyone else in the room, he is a mere spectator to its execution. He stares, brow furrowed, at the raid unfolding on monitors. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton covers her mouth, waiting to see its outcome.

A word about soldering   If you think you can solder, then don’t!
Okay, this sounds silly but most people who say they can solder are actually very bad at it.
If you KNOW you can solder really well, that’s great.  If not, practice until you can!  You should be able to tell if your soldering is good by looking at what you’ve soldered.  If you’re not sure, have a look on the internet for videos of soldering so you can see what a good soldered joint looks like.  Then keep practicing until your soldering is as good as what you’ve seen.
Most of the solder joints in musical instruments are either very small indeed or even smaller than that.  You need to be able to solder very precisely and this needs a good soldering iron.
Lead-free solder   Don’t use lead-free solder on older products which used normal 60/40 tin/lead solder.  Normal solder gives a nice, bright, shiny joint when done properly.  More recent products use lead-free solder and this should be used when working on these.  Lead-free solder gives a dull-looking joint which looks horrible but there’s nothing you can do about it.  Again, you can find videos of lead-free soldering on the internet.

The situation mike steroids

the situation mike steroids


the situation mike steroidsthe situation mike steroidsthe situation mike steroidsthe situation mike steroidsthe situation mike steroids