Steroid-sparing definition

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Before treating proteinuria, a proper diagnosis must be established to determine the primary cause. Commonly, proteinuria is a symptom of diabetic nephropathy, therefore, proper glycemic control must be observed to slow the progression of the condition. Typically, medical management involves angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors as the first-line medication for proteinuria. In some instances when ACE inhibitors cannot control proteinuria, the patient is given angiotensin receptor blocker or aldosterone antagonist such as spironolactone to help in protein retention. If ACE inhibitor therapy is combined with these agents, caution must be observed as there is a risk of developing hyperkalemia. If proteinuria has an autoimmune origin, steroids and steroid-sparing agent in combination with the use of ACE inhibitors are used. In supplement to blood sugar and blood pressure control, dietary salt and protein is restricted. A dietician may be consulted for a healthy eating plan.

Steroid-sparing definition

steroid-sparing definition


steroid-sparing definitionsteroid-sparing definitionsteroid-sparing definitionsteroid-sparing definitionsteroid-sparing definition