Steroid pack for sciatica

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Just an update on how things are going. 18 days since Microdiscectomy and feeling a bit better every day. I have been struggling with depression quite bad for the last week which has been my main problem. Maybe it's that I put so much into the operation solving every thing and the reality is that after months of being inactive and lying on a mattress all day that I now have to build my strength back up and struggle with stamina. Coming off the Gapapentin has been very difficult too affecting my sleep, this affected me more than stopping the Oromorph. In addition I have had months of worry about losing my job. It is lovely to be able to sit for short periods but have soreness in my tail bone, I'm sure this will get better. So for now I can say that I am definately on track with my recovery.  

What you described could be true sciatic nerve irritation, but the description is more consistent with muscle trigger point referral symptoms. The most likely suspect is the piriformis, but the gluteus minimus muscle might also be contributing. Since the symptoms started after having low back pain, my guess is that the sacroiliac joint is probably involved. My suggestion is to start with the piriformis stretch shown on the video at: http:///basic-sciatica-exercises/ . If it seems to help, try doing it frequently throughout the day for a few days (it’s a good idea to stretch both sides). If you can’t get lasting improvement, you may need some work on the sacroiliac joint to get things resolved. There is a technique in my members area for this (the pelvic repositioning technique), but you might need to see a chiropractor or osteopath for manipulation treatment.

Steroid pack for sciatica

steroid pack for sciatica


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