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Polypectomy video:
Some of our patients come to us with a diagnosis of nasal polyposis. A polyp is swollen tissue that causes difficulty in nasal breathing, and can even block proper drainage pathways within the sinuses, which can in turn lead to infections within the sinus cavities. Many of our patients who come to us with nasal polyps experience nasal obstruction, decreased sense of smell, repeated sinus infections, and a lot of drainage from their nose (feeling like they have a year-round cold).
While the cause of polyps is unknown, there are some medication management options once the diagnosis is confirmed. These options include anti-inflammatory sprays, decongestants, inflammatory mediator inhibitors, and systemic steroid medications.
When medications are not sufficient, patients can undergo endoscopic sinus surgery to remove the polyp, this procedure is called a polypectomy. The surgeon uses a thin telescope (endoscope) which is placed through the nostril to visualize the polyps. The polyps are then removed endoscopically, leaving no external markings of the procedure.
Here is a video of a polypectomy:

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Naion steroid treatment

naion steroid treatment


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