Mestanolone vs mesterolone

Stacking and use : It should be quite obvious that the use of this compound (at least to the experienced steroid user) will be limited to cutting purposes. For the same amount of money there are simply far more suitable compounds for gaining muscle mass. As with most oral steroids (with notable exception of Halotestin) I would advise against using it alone, in conjunction with other oral steroids, or in the last week of a cycle. This because most 17alpha-alkylated androgens are known to increase glucocorticoid receptor density (3) and result in increased loss of muscle mass post-cycle. An added reason for not using it with other oral steroids is the increased risk for hepatoxic side-effects.

In February 2017, American triathlete Beth Gerdes was given a 2-year suspension for presence of ostarine, and American triathlete Lauren Barnett was given a 6-month suspension for the presence of Ostarine. Both triathletes claimed contamination from salt tablet supplements. Lauren Barnett was able to provide tablets and sealed bottle tablets which both tested positive for contamination, thus only the 6-month suspension. The 2-year suspension still stands for Beth Gerdes who provided tablets for testing, but tests showed only low levels of ostarine not high enough to confirm the finding. [15]

Summary: When it comes to the use of Mestanolone and proof positive of good results you only have to think back to when German, especially East German athletes dominated world sports. The late 1960’s and 70’s proved nearly impossible to defeat the athletes that were consistently using this product. Athletic skill and condition had some bearing on this, but the real mental edge that the use of Mestanolone gave made them fierce competitors. If you are serious about bringing mind-over-matter mental steel to your cycles, routines and muscle development then this is the type of product that makes the work seem effortless. It will give you the advantage that goes well beyond physical superiority. The product is highly toxic and dangerous for your health, so we are advise our readers to stay away from it.

Mestanolone vs mesterolone

mestanolone vs mesterolone


mestanolone vs mesterolonemestanolone vs mesterolonemestanolone vs mesterolonemestanolone vs mesterolone