How long can you keep steroid gains

Almost any kind of artifact can last 10 millennia if stored and cared for properly. We have examples of 5,000-year-old wood staffs, papyrus, or leather sandals. On the other hand, even metal can corrode in a few years of rain. For longevity a 10K year environment is more important than the artifact’s material. The mountain top in Texas (and Nevada) is a high dry desert, and below, in the interior tunnel, the temperature is very even over seasons and by the day (55 degrees F) – another huge plus for longevity since freeze-thaw cycles are as corrosive as water. Dry, dark and stable temperatures are what archivists love. It’s an ideal world for a ceaseless Clock.

Canned fruit is also a good storage item. Canned pineapple has less shelf life than canned fruit cocktail or canned peaches or pears. They add that luxury to an otherwise bland meal. I can tell you that canned fruit cocktail was the most sought after C-ration. You could trade a can of fruit cocktail for multiples of other C-ration items. Even more sought after than cigarettes. Yes in the bad old days you used to get five cigarettes in a little box in every day’s rations. Canned peaches were a close second and, of course, canned pears were always in demand. After a delicious meal of sausage patties in gravy(read congealed grease) a can of fruit cocktail washed the nasty taste away. And on a hot summer day nothing refreshed like a can of fruit cocktail — wow, that stirs up some memories. I’m going to have to go out to the garage and grab a can and open it right now.

I had a double bypass 4 months ago and was told the average life expectancy was 10 years, but I'm glad to read that others have lived much longer. Heart disease runs in my family and is not due to just bad diet. I never smoked, didn't have high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, but ended up with a completely clogged artery and one 95 % clogged one at age 64. It has been a shock. You just never know! I have knocked out all sugar, and added more fruit, fish and nuts to my diet. Never had a problem with fat or sodium, but if diet contributed, I'd have to say maybe I ate too much sugar. Was at a good weight, so not sure how to change much. I'm also walking regularly, but always kept myself moving. You have to improve what you can I suppose. I hope they can some day knock out bad genes.

How long can you keep steroid gains

how long can you keep steroid gains


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