Famous bodybuilders before steroids

1. Tatjana Scholl – West Germany
2. Sabine Wick – West Germany
3. Raffaela Bruck – Italy
4. Leisa Campbell – Australia
5. Irene Nickole – Australia
6. Tania Panza – Italy
7. Ella Hank – West Germany
8. Jackie Cook – Australia
9. Beverley Hahn – England
10. Rina Howard – South Africa
11. Yvonne Balzan – Malta
12. Roswitha Janatsch – Austria
DNP:   Pam Davies – England
Maria Santos Raposo – Spain
Kathy Wilton – Australia
Yvette Danq – Belgium

You do not have John Grimek on the list! What the hell.. shameful. He has inspired more people than anyone else in bodybuilding.. He was Steve Reeves inspiration. The only one that has match him in fame is Arnold, now because he was in movies more common people know his name, but too bodybuilders and weightlifters Grimek was THE man! Also you should have have Reg Park on the list as well, since he was Arnold’s inspiration, and guess who Reg looked up too as a young man… THAT Right John Grimek again! But I will give you a small break that a least you had Reeves and Sandow, they were both amazing.. so bonus points there.

Full Name: Ronnie Dean Coleman
Nick Name: The Big Ron
Date of Birth: May 13, 1964
Place of Birth: Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Height: 5’11”
Competition Weight: 297 lbs
Off Season Weight: 330 Ibs
Arms Size: 24 inches
Calves Size: 22 inches
Chest Size: 58 inches
Thighs Size: 36 inches
Waist Size: 36 inches
So, this was a list of top ten rated biggest and greatest bodybuilders in the world.
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Famous bodybuilders before steroids

famous bodybuilders before steroids


famous bodybuilders before steroidsfamous bodybuilders before steroidsfamous bodybuilders before steroidsfamous bodybuilders before steroidsfamous bodybuilders before steroids