Eggsteroids locations list

Starting with Angry Birds Seasons (Easter Eggs!) all the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Seasons are number sequentially across all episodes. (As of (Ham’o’ween) the numbering has been removed completely.) Below is a list of all the Golden Eggs that are currently available in Angry Birds Seasons (special thanks to AMslimfordy for compiling this list). If you’re having trouble finding one or more of the Golden Eggs you can get to the walkthroughs above — which are broken out by episode — or below by clicking the respective link adjacent to the Golden Egg number.

@mighty-red-1 — I now have 39 out of 40. The one remaining is the last one in your video. I have built the same device but it doesn’t work the same on my iPad as on your Android (I assume that’s what was used for the video?).
I’m also not sure what the pumpkins are supposed to do, since they don’t seem to be in the help book.
I didn’t use the same devices as you for most of the boxes, but I did use your ice/snow sled and agree that it is great fun.
@admins One thing that is still missing is a map of all the boxes, numbered in the order of the video. Would be super nice for others (I no longer need it) to have numbers superimposed on Mighty Red video. : ) If you haven’t noticed, i’m pretty good at dreaming up tasks for others to do.

Eggsteroids locations list

eggsteroids locations list


eggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations list