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Bergeron says her basic critique was that the people Arnold spoke to hadn’t been prodded or treated critically enough, which gets at the piece’s real problem. For a story that centered on Holtzclaw to work, it had to look at the people around him, who thought they knew him best, not as sources, but subjects. Instead of retrying the case through one-sided interviews, it would be far more illuminating to explore exactly how and why these people couldn’t reconcile the facts about Holtzclaw with what they knew of him. Here was a beloved son, friend, and teammate; here, too, was a prolific serial rapist. If Arnold weren’t deluded, perhaps he would’ve seen that what he’d reported was a study of delusion.

I work with this ex-cop and see him nearly everyday. I will not say where, for his own privacy. After hearing from another co-worker that Sanchez was indeed the cop who freaked out I couldn't believe it. Since he is one of my supervisors I thought it would be funny if I sent him subliminal messages while being extremely vague. For instance, I will say, today is dragging and TIME IS GOING BY REALLY,REALLY,REALLY SLOW. lol. Another favorite remark of mine is, "DO YOU KNOW THE SCORE OF THE REDWINGS GAME?" lol. Also, another employee brought in brownies one day and I couldn't help but think about this. MAN, THIS GUY MADE A LIFE-CHANGING BATCH OF BROWNIES AND I ACTUALLY FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. Nearly everyone has partied some time in their lives and he lost his wife, his job, and his self respect over getting high once. Poor guy!

Cop on steroids 17 year old

cop on steroids 17 year old


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