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I bought a Vizio , when I plugged it in everything worked great until I turned it to a local station and football was on and it was in Spanish. I checked my language settings and English was selected so there was no way to change or stop it. I also experienced on the same channel that certain shows will have” caption max” where when watching the entire show I get a play by play of a mans voice of what’s happening before it happens , and once again there is no where in the settings to shut it off. Has anyone else experienced this? If so please tell me how to fix it. I’ve always owned Vizio Tv’s and have never had this problem before

Regarding the Kala Jeera. You are right that there are at least two that is loosely called by the same name. The Nigella Sativa, which is slightly teardrop shaped and very dark/black are called Kalo or Kala Jeera in Bengali. In stores it also goes by the name Kalonji . Some call it onion seeds but that name probably came from the flavors as it would seem similar to onion powder in the first whiff.. This spice is very widely used in Bengali cuisine. In the rest of the Indian cuisine the use is limited but a lot of Indian pickle recipes use this Kalonji. This one is one of the ingredients of the Indian Five Spice Mix or Panch Phoron.

Commonly available steroids

commonly available steroids


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