Cat skin allergies steroids

Allergy tests can help identify the specific allergens that may be at the root of a pet’s atopic dermatitis . Once a list of “problem” allergens is identified, a specialized serum containing small quantities of these allergens can be formulated specifically for your pet. Through injection of small amounts of the allergy serum over time, many pets experience a reduced response to the allergens. This treatment, called immunotherapy , generally must be continued for several months to years to achieve results. With immunotherapy, the pet owner usually administers the allergy serum injections at home. If you are uncomfortable giving the injections, ask your veterinary care team if the injections can be given at your veterinarian’s office. The first injections are more diluted, containing only tiny amounts of the problem allergens; each subsequent injection solution contains a slightly higher concentration of the allergens. Your veterinarian will schedule theinjections according to specific guidelines — more frequently in the beginning, and eventually tapering to one injection every few weeks. Many pets respond to this program. Others may not, especially if they have other underlying conditions.

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Cat skin allergies steroids

cat skin allergies steroids


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