Average muscle gain with steroids

I feel depressed to read that you can only gain one pound of muscle per week. I’m currently bulking and thought two pounds per week was a reasonable goal. Im 22, 6’1” and started out at 175lbs. After two weeks I’m now at 180 and don’t think I put on any fat. My goal is 200 lbs with below 10% body fat, I’m currently at 11%. But if half the weight I’m gaining is not muscle, then when I get to 200 in 10 weeks I’ll have an extra ten pounds of fat, which will put me at 15% body fat… guess I have to slow down and take a solid five months to get to 200lbs. When I first started weight training in high school, I went from 150 to 175 in three months, without gaining fat, but I guess that was the early results phase.

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Average muscle gain with steroids

average muscle gain with steroids


average muscle gain with steroidsaverage muscle gain with steroidsaverage muscle gain with steroidsaverage muscle gain with steroidsaverage muscle gain with steroids