Aromatase inhibitors steroids

Thanks so much for the info. After the whole active treatment drill my doctor “recommended” arimidex. After only a few months I was in such pain with frozen shoulder trigger thumb etc. I find out I had osteoporosis. Does Cancer cowboy take me off the drug? Heck no he “recommends” a dangerous bone drug. Then the last straw is the patchy Regrowth of my hair. My 90 year old mother has better hair than I do now. Upon confrontation Cancer cowboy says, oh it does that. I didn’t tell you. So I quit arimidex after only a year. I felt better after only a week. When you are in active treatment and you don’t see results you quit! In this case of arimidex you are going through hell and getting set up for more medical issues with no guarantees. So if we just said no ..that might be the only way to improve conventional treatments

Research suggests the common table mushroom has anti- aromatase [17] properties and therefore possible anti-estrogen activity. In 2009, a case-control study of the eating habits of 2,018 women in southeast China revealed that women who consumed greater than 10 grams of fresh mushrooms or greater than 4 grams of dried mushrooms per day had an approximately 50% lower incidence of breast cancer. Chinese women who consumed mushrooms and green tea had a 90% lower incidence of breast cancer. [18] However the study was relatively small (2,018 patients participating) and limited to Chinese women of southeast China.

Aromatase inhibitors steroids

aromatase inhibitors steroids


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