Anabolic peak sri lanka


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Very interesting article. I have been type 1 diabetic since I was 2 years old and have at times been on over 1000 units per day due to being massively insulin resistant as well. Started bodybuilding aged 15 so have found many tricks over the years. One of the best and approved by my diabetic specialist (who is the world leader on endocrinology) is that you train heavy to create a cortisol release which will peak 2 hours after training so you actually put in more insulin as you train (about 30 minutes before you finish) I put in 20 units via a pump and whilst I train I have 40 grams of whey protein mixed with 400ml of semi skimmed milk. I will then have oats post training which helps to stop the delayed hypo 12 hours post training when the hormones level out. In addition it is worth noting that type 1 diabetics CANNOT go catabolic but can still over train. The reason is that a catabolic effect is not possible if insulin is present in the body. Also worth noting that if your protein levels are good then the chance of DOMS is highly reduced when you are a type 1 again due to the presence of insulin and the fact that protein is being forced into the muscles along with carbs thereby greatly reducing DOMS. Personally being a type 1 is advantageous to bodybuilding and not a curse, you just have to rethink the rules a little to get the benefits.

Anabolic peak sri lanka

anabolic peak sri lanka


anabolic peak sri lankaanabolic peak sri lankaanabolic peak sri lankaanabolic peak sri lankaanabolic peak sri lanka